Friday, February 13, 2009

Pie Crust the Way My Mama Taught Me!

This is the recipe to make pie crust that my mom taught me (adapted from Betty Crocker). It is really easy to do and it turns out great every time! This is for a single pie crust, so if you are making a double crusted pie, simply double the recipe.

These are the only ingredients. For one pie crust, use 1 cup of flour, 1/3 cup of shortening (butter flavored shortening makes the best pie crust), a pinch of salt, and 3-4 Tbsp. of COLD water.

Mix the flour, salt, and shortening together in the food processor...

...until it looks like this...
When those ingredients are mixed together, add the cold water while still mixing.
The dough will begin to stick together and form a ball in the food processor.
Spread out some wax paper and lightly flour the surface. I usually also put a dab of flour on my rolling pin, also, just to make sure it the crust won't stick to it.
Form the crust into a flat ball and lightly flour both sides before putting it on the wax paper.
Roll out the crust in every direction to form a circle (or the closest thing to a circle you can).
Place the pie pan/tin on top of the crust, making sure that there is excess crust around all edges of the pan.
Flip the wax paper with the crust over so the crust fits nicely into the pan.
The wax paper should easily peel off, leaving you a pie crust with overhanging edges. Lightly press the crust to the bottom and sides of the pan, so that it is flat against all sides.
Tear off the excess edges of the crust, leaving a very slight overhang that you will be able to barely tuck under and flatten out.
Using your fingers, tuck under all the edges and go around the outside edge of the crust firmly pressing down in order to form the outside edge of the pie.

Note: For a double crusted pie, do not worry about the outside edge of the crust until the top crust has been put on, then tuck the outside edge of the top crust under the bottom crust to form your edge. Also, you do not have to use a food processor for this recipe, but it does make it much faster and easier!


  1. This is how my teacher taught me to make pie crust as well. :)