Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make It Snappy Pie Crust

I've been thinking about a new pie crust that is like a graham cracker crust, but uses gingersnap cookies instead. I was feeling a little guilty about making this crust, because I know generally crusts like this use a lot of butter, and my husband is really trying to lose some weight. I did not want my pie-making to hinder his efforts. I went online to get a general idea on how to make a regular graham cracker crust and came across this recipe. It uses YOGURT instead of BUTTER! I was pretty excited because that is totally ALMOST healthy and now my husband can totally have a piece of my pie! YAY!


2 Cups of crushed Gingersnap Cookies
3 Tbls plain yogurt
2 Tbls brown sugar

1. Grind up cookies in the food processor. This is REALLY loud! I thought I was going to wake up my napping baby. But I didn't. Thankfully!

2. Pour ground up cookies in a mixing bowl. Add the brown sugar and yogurt and mix. The mix will get pretty sticky and moist (it actually looks a little like dog food at this point, but I think it is going to taste great!).

3. Press the crust into a pie pan.

4. Bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. It comes out warm and soft.
The Verdict:
I'm going to use this pie crust in Thankful Pie (but I haven't made the pie part yet). I will be making the rest of Thankful Pie tonight, and I after I do, I will post the verdict on the taste of this pie crust.
I can tell you that unless this pie crust tastes like dog food (and I am pretty sure it won't), I am a HUGE fan of this crust! I love that you make it with only 3 ingredients! The simpler the better in our household. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that it uses yogurt instead of butter. It just seems so much healthier to me (plus I had a ton of yogurt leftover from making this recipe, and I was glad to find another way to use it!). I also love that it is super easy to switch this recipe up and use any kind of crumbs that you want (I'm thinking vanilla wafers might be good and also chocolate graham crackers and oreos).
03/07/09 UPDATE:
This pie crust was OK. I am not sure that gingersnap cookies were the best option for this recipe, but I still want to try other kinds of cookies and crackers. The gingersnaps were kind of gummy on the bottom and very crunchy on the sides. It was hard to get the pie out of the pan because the sides were so stuck on, Next time I will spray a little pam spray on the sides so the won't stick so bad. I am still pleased with the simplicity of this recipe and also the 'better for your health' factor. The taste was also very good, if you could get past the texture issues. I'll definitely give this recipe another shot with a different kind of cookie/cracker crumb.

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