Saturday, April 25, 2009

We are Just Curious...

Heather and I were just talking the other day. We were curious about who (if anyone) is reading this blog. We initially started this blog to share our ideas and pie recipes with each other, but now we are curious...Is anyone else out there getting Pie Inspired?? We really want to know!

So, if you read this blog, please leave us a comment and tell us which pie has been your favorite so far (to read about or to make, either way). If you have tried making one of our pies, let us know how it turned out! If you can think of anything pie related that you would like to see a blog post about, let us know! We want to hear from you! :-)

We're also thinking about adding a "Tips and Tricks to Pie Making" link on the right hand side of the blog (in the links section). We want to share some of the things we are learning along the way that has made making pie easier and more fun for us. Does anyone have a question about a "how to" that we could add to our tips and tricks? If so, leave us that in your comment too.

We look forward to hearing from you!!!


  1. I'll go first (now don't be shy!). My favorite pie so far has been Munchkin Princess pie, followed closely by Love Your Neighbor pie. Both are amazing!

  2. Hi Reagan and Heather...... I found your blog off of Jill DuBois's blog, and I look at it often to see what else you have made. I haven't gotten up the courage to make any of your pies yet, but they all sound delicious!! I love the step-by-step pictures and the verdict that you add to the end. I'll let you know when I finally make one of your pies! Lauren Bailey-Shipley :)

  3. Scott mentioned it to me and I've been checking in once in a while. He doesn't eat pie so I've been waiting until a special event to make one. They look so good!

  4. Scott doesn't like pie???? And he calls himself an American...

    And hello Lauren! It's been a long time! I'm glad you found our blog!

  5. I read it! I haven't made any pies yet, but I have many on my list!!! I'll have to think of a "welcome to our new home" pie and be a guest blogger sometime. :)